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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bolsheviks Harass Gentry In Their Homes - Demand Money

Russia 1917? - Nope - April 2009! - America

First some history:

The October Revolution/The Struggle For Power and the Rise of the Bolsheviks -Russia 1917

"On the one hand, “The property owning classes were becoming more conservative and the masses more radical (Reed 1)” Soon after the Provisional Government was in power many of the problems that helped them overthrow the Tsar still existed: Russia was still doing badly in the war, bread was still scarce and the people were calling for more drastic changes. The newly released radical leaders were whipping the common people into a frenzy and the policies of the Provisional Government were not helping them." = Wikipedia

So - cut to Moishe Pipick's wife - looking out her bay window overlooking Long Island Sound in Fairfield, Connecticut - she yells:

"Hey Moishey - There's a bus and some really mad people outside our driveway with sign saying - "Give back the money you greedy AIG Jew - or else!"

"Oye vey - don't worry Sarah - it's just the peasants from over in Bridgeport -who think they can get something for free - so they can go back home and drink themselves to death while watching American Idol."

"But Moishe" - says Sarah Pipick -"Maybe you should give back some of your bonus money - we have enough already - and who needs a pogrom right here in Fairfield?"

"Fuck them - i did my job! -I generated volume! - I was not responsible for their credit and collections - i never even saw a credit application - why are they picking on me? - I have a legal contract spelling out my responsibilities - what is this ?"

"It's like the Russian Revolution with the fucking peasants going nuts and the Bolsheviks just egging them on!"

"But Moishe - what should i do -there on the lawn?"

"Call the police and let out the Dobermans -and start packing!"

"Wer'e moving to Germany!"