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Saturday, May 16, 2009

For Majority of Terrorists It's A Great Job Stupid

" Ninety seven percent of these ignorant assholes are just illiterate victims of a culture where there is no fun - no art - no sexy women (because they have all been marginalized into human burlap bags) -

No opportunity - it's hot and dirty all the time - no toilet paper - no stuff to buy (including food) - no booze - and no doctors or medicine or soap - ydadadaddadaadda.

Their life completely sucks!

So - some pathological brainwashed from birth Al Quaeda scumbag comes along - and all of a sudden - this lost piece of human debris shitbag has a gun and power - is given three square meals - get's instant status - and maybe even some toilet paper.

A chimpanzee running around with guns and bombs -who believes he's god's right hand man - who never had so much fun until he became a jihadist - killing and maiming at will - and wiping his ass with charmin instead of his hand.

And - ninety percent of the semi normal world is sitting around wondering if they should join the fight against these rabid creatures - on their home ground - Afghanistan?

I mean - some douche bag is sitting in a cafe in Norway (or wherever) eating a sardine and wondering about the human cost of conflict -and civilian casualties and Abu Graib and torture - and maybe there's a holistic approach to all this horrible stuff?

Hey - these fucking jihadists are out there working hard at the best job they ever had or ever will have - don't you fucking get it?

It's now or never. - Let's kill all these fuckers as fast as possible - Or give them better jobs - or at least a good ole fashioned - European style -- state of the art - blow job.