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Friday, June 19, 2009

Fox Tv Announces -" Death Swap"

"This will be the highest rated show in the history of Reality TV -Bigger than Idol" - Exclaimed Morton Schlocker, president of Fox TV.

He elaborated; "Deserving prisoners about to be executed will be replaced -in a supreme act of Christian charity - by folks who have terminal illnesses - and who volunteer to take their place"

Martha Pipick -an eighty seven year old woman with terminal brain cancer said; " Merl Crumby is set to be electrocuted in Smallville Texas on July fifth - but i will happily go to the chair in his place."

She continued; " He has been on death row for fifteen years - and he has become a God fearing man - and now that the Supreme Court has ruled out his getting a review of the evidence in his case using new DNA science - I will end MY misery and save HIS life -hallelujah!"

"Mr. Crumby has a wife and twelve children - he has found the Lord and is a changed person - and since the state of Texas is so bent on revenge - they can fry me!"

Fox TV said today "We have already received hundreds of offers to participate in "Death Swap" - and we will be giving the families of each person who is executed fifty thousand dollars and pay all their medical bills."

Elise Mandelbaum - digibandit prison reporter - asked Fox TV prexy Schlocker; "Aren't you exploiting poor suffering souls who will die a horrible death - and letting extreme criminals go scott free?"

He responded; " Huh?"