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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CMT and Steve Austin bring back "Redneck CornHole Island"

Saturday nights on CMT brings back a second season of Redneck CornHole Island starting November 10 at 9p followed by the premieres of two new series Chainsaw Gang at 10p and Big Texas Heat at 1030p.  

"Redneck Cornhole Island" watches as fourteen people gather on pro wrestling hall of famer Steve Austin's tropical island for a chance to win $100,000 by Cornholing the most native people and animals -and then each other. 

Chainsaw Gang features chainsaw artist Stacy Poitras who leads a group of chainsaw artists that battle it out to create works of redneck shit art.  New series Big Texas Heat follows the on and off-duty activities of the police department in the small town of Trinity, TX where all the Police have IQ's under 85 and BMI's of 160 and up. (slightly above the average for all of Texas)