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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Anal Sex becoming More Popular as "Safe Sex" among Heterosexuals - Anal Birth Control! -100% Guaranteed!

The wide spread long overdue acceptance and welcoming of gays in our society and culminating in passage of the same sex marriage law has peaked more interest in the pleasures of anal sex  by the heterosexual community!

AND along with that recognition and greater practice a large percentage of "straights" have recognized that anal sex is the absolute perfect alternative to any other form of birth control!

Cannot wait until the Bible Belters get wind of this breakthrough cultural trend and realize their madcap measures to fight contraception has lost all meaning.

Oh -And when their wives start asking for some tushy loving -LOL! -OMG!!!

Dark Day for The American Bottom Feeders

Hannity Agrees With Cruz: "Today Is Some Of The Darkest 24 Hours In Our Nation's History"
Hannity: "I Couldn't Say It More Eloquently"

 ALLThese progressive humanistic measures along with ACA and The new Marriage Equality Law  were all  disasters for the regressive scum like Hannity and Cruz and their fellow scumbags!

Emancipation Proclamation- Universal Suffrage - The new Deal (Social Security and Medicare) -Brown vs Board of Ed -  The Voting Rights Act - Gays in the Military 
I'm sure you get the message!