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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Muslim Terrorists Worst Nightmare American Female Ballbreakers With Guns

These maniacs who keep their women hidden away like slaves suddenly have to confront American Women armed to the tits

And we should have a whole elite force of Jewish Female ball breakers.

American Evangelicans Are The American Taliban

watch the video -these missionaries are the poster men and women for everything that is ugly and intolerant and anti human progress and it defines the fervent madness that accompanies blind faith with stark clarity -these christian morons are fucking absolutely scary brainwashed nuts!

The Pope Should Cut off His Balls In Protest

against the on going raping of children by his Godless men of god -and the continuing revelations of the coverups they perpetrated which led to thousands of children being butt raped by priests over decades BUT what can you expect from The Nazi Pope who  presides in the Vatican over a group of evil old men!