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Monday, December 24, 2012

Clint Eastwood says "I Had To Stop Romney - And his party of Christian Rednecks"

 Clint Eastwood made a startling revelation today in a press conference in Carmel,Ca. today he explained: "Now those of you who have followed my work know i don't pull any punches -and i realized early on that the Republican morons running for President could not be elected Dog Catcher anywhere but in Shitbird towns and States BUT that Romney might have a shot at fooling folks hard hit by hard times SO:

"I knew i had to do something that would help folks see that supporters of Romney and that Bat Faced Ryan were completely off the beam AND SO as a respected national Figure i used my appearance at The GOP Conference to help sabotage Romney whose election along with the Christian right wing loonies who would have permeated all aspects of government (like under that wacko Bush) would have been disastrous for America"

And my hat is off to all of you who in the words of the "WHO"  --'we won't get fooled again' -stopped these conservative morons in their tracks!"