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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Oprah launches "Are You TOTALLY Fcked Upp?" -Exciting new Reality based Game Program

"ARE YOU Totally Fcked Upp ?" From Harpo Studios comes the new reality based game show “Are You Fucked Up, America?,” hosted by veteran TV producer Barry Poznick (“Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”) and comedienne/actress Kim Coles (“Living Single”).  

Have you ever peeked at your boyfriend’s emails? Or done your household chores naked? Do you and your spouse sleep in separate bedrooms? Do you fart when you reach orgasm?Do you talk to your Dildo? Do you fantasize about sex with your Dog? Do you hate your husband's Dick shape?  Do you hate your wife's bushy bush? Is oral sex standing up your thing? Is anal sex preferrable to primary hole entry?

This lively game show will answer burning questions by using a highly scientific and deeply revealing poll, in addition to a “jury” of real Americans, man-on-the-street polling, real life situations shot in the field, and in-studio demonstrations.  Each episode will feature contestants who will win big money in their quest to learn if they’re totally fucked up or not.  

Produced by Harpo Studios with Zoo Productions. Executive producers are Jill Van Lokeren and Jon Sinclair from Harpo Studios, as well as Barry Poznick and John Stevens from Zoo Productions (producers of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” and his latest production:
"Is a Black Teenager Smarter Than an African Grey Parrot?" -Coming soon from Fox Tv.

Mexican Jewish Deli Shock -Corned Beef on Rye with Jalapeno

 Katz' Deli in NYC

So I'm in LA and my son says "Hey Pops- How about a nice Corned Beef on rye -we're right near a famous LA kosher deli"

I says "Go on -I'm used to getting my corned beef and pastrami sandwiches at Katz' on West Houston street in NYC (alleged to have killed more Jews than Hitler) - "you gotta be kidding! -Kosher deli in LA -That's an oxymoron"

Lee replies; "No way -Jerry's in Marina Del Ray has authentic NY caliber - max out artery clogging cold cuts on Jewish rye that will put lead in your old pencil -guaranteed!"

So here we are at Jerry's and i have just ordered a corned beef on rye from -get this - from a Mexican deli man.

Now just for the record -my position on cross border immigration is -"C'mon in! - EVERY Mexican illegal or illegal -in my opinion -is ten times the human being than all the white Americans living outside the blue states -AND i would prefer living next to a Mexican gang banger than any religious Christian or rich wasp"

BUT - i do not want to order a Corned beef on Rye from one of them -it's like putting mayo on a Brisket sandwich (which my son just ordered -and he is now officially out of my will.)

Oh -and when i asked Luis for some kosher garlic dills he informed me that he never heard of them -I was waiting for him to ask me if i would like some jalepenos instead (in which case i would have called immigration)
 How about a Corned Beef Burrito?

My son said -"Oh poppy -you are an old fashioned Jew!"

SO! -LA has turned my son into an anti-semite -and is basically transforming authentic corned beef and pastrami and brisket and salami sandwiches -Kosher Deli et. al -into Jewish Burritos.

Oh -and my skinny -virtually fat free Corned Beef sandwich tasted like crap!

Fuck Jerry's!

The poor schmucks are screwing themselves again! - Congratulations GOP!

The thoughtful and educated men and women who have thought deeply enough (and can read an article of more than 240 words without losing focus) about the important  short AND long term issues confronting us, mostly support Hillary and her progressive agenda which would direct much needed resources to the working poor and middle class.

BUT  the poor hard working (or trying to) average Joe and Mary shmoe who need all the collective help they can get and protection from the corporate killers and rapacious banking and finance barracudas (who think that poverty and hard times only befall the weak and the lame brained) - you know the 47% er's as Romney calls them -  are planning to vote for another asshole who will screw them royally.? (and we all know Trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing when it comes to his empathy for the "great unwashed"

What the fuck is wrong with those schmucks?

They are laughing at you all the way to the bank! SO forget that Hillary is a woman and Obama is black! Get used to the fact that you ain't gonna hit the lottery! You have enough guns -and you can buy more! Someone wants to kill an unwanted microscopic  egg - let em! (you can't stop em anyway) - You hate the Blacks and Jews and Spics and Immigrants and Queers and Liberals! -Get over it -they ain't goin away!  You want to eliminate the debt! -Don't fucking worry about it -the rich will deal with it because they have to -not those Teapot morons. Well Trump is a smart bizman! (bullshit -he's a smart money manipulator who knows zip about real wealth creation.)

You fucking need help and an even playing field and a competent caring president! Those Rich Republicans and blabber mouthing populists will say anything to win your votes. They don't care -and never have cared - One fucking bit about you struggling slobs.

Wake the fuck up!

"Snap out of it!"