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Friday, May 29, 2015

Fox Reality "Are Black Teenagers Smarter Than a Chinese Baby?"

 Black Teens are Morons!

 wassup ?

Mike (the midget) Darnell head of Fox TV programming has announced a follow up show to it's hugely successful "Are You Smarter Than A Five Year Old?"
"Are Black Teens Smarter Than Chink Babies?" follows on the heels of a new report from The National Education Institute which revealed that the math and reading skills of black American teenagers is at the Chinese pre- school level." 

Doctor Moishe Pipick of the NEI said : "Chinese babies are significantly smarter than American teenagers and gaining rapidly on American adults --especially minorities." He went on,"American's are fast losing their ability to reason.Only ten percent read books or thoughtful periodicals or even engage in meaningful dialogue -- there lives are like a shitty sitcom."

He continued; "Our study shows conclusively that within ten years --black teenagers will be less intelligent than the grey parrot and that the average American's problem solving ability will be at the level of a three year old Chinese -- or five year old Indian child."
 So -Who should be in cages?

Dr Pipick concluded: "The only exception was among Jewish kids who are smarter than The Chinks and tied with Gooks and Dotheads"