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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thelma and Louise Needed in Saudi Arabia

 No Equality NO Pussy
In Saudi Arabia, a woman who was gang-raped was sentenced to 90 lashes. The reason? Before the rape, the woman, who was then 19, had been in a car with a man who was not a family member — a crime under the kingdom’s legal code, which is based on a strict Wahabi reading of Islamic law. Punishing the victim of a brutal rape is reprehensible. Then a Saudi appeals court more than doubled her lashings to 200 and added six months’ jail time, apparently because she had the audacity to publicly challenge the court’s ruling. Her lawyer had his license to practice suspended.

Any woman who is not sufficiently outraged to start a world wide revolution over the way most Muslim's treat women -- should immediately have her tubes tied!

Boycotts -- political activism -- withholding pussy favors from men and even male castration are what may be necessary to stop the oppression of tens of millions of totally innocent and vulnerable women from these sick fucks who go to the Mosque four times a day and then come home and kick their wives around in front of their children.

Look - the world's men aren't doing (and won't do) shit to help you! They're out fucking younger women and drinking in sports bars and would rather be hunting and fishing and even working - than getting involved in stopping women from getting lashed in Saudi Arabia.

Hell - it's not long ago that Priests were burning scarlett letters onto womens tits for crimes that they commited with young boys before breakfast every day - and if it wasn't for some really brave sisters you still wouldn't have suffrage ( let alone the pill and a job).

So until you turn up the heat on your men and your representatives in Congress - Use your bigger brains and stronger wills and turn into a world wide army of "Thelma and Louise's" -- poor pathetic gals like that one in Saudi Arabia are going to keep getting ruined by subhuman male scumbags.

Go get em -- here's a rallying cry "No Support - No Vote and No Pussy"