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Thursday, October 05, 2017

World's Most Drunken Village announced - PMC California

Pine Mountain Store Breaks Per Capita Alcohol Sales Record

The small store where the residents buy their alcohol is located in a very “lush”Mountain Valley 80 miles north of Los Angeles.

And the residents of PMC (as it is known locally) have now established their beautiful little village as – The “lushest” on the planet!

The Pine Mountain general Store -Which is really a liquor store (with some grocery and general merchandise trappings) -Has now sold more alcoholic beverages per capita than any similar retailer on the face of the Earth in 2017!

The World Lush Association ( “Lush” derived from “Lushkiavot” traced back to the ancient Evank tribes of Siberia and meaning “he who falls out of his sled”) - And which has maintained these drinking records since 1543 -Announced the results yesterday in Latka Siberia, a village about the size of PMC located 1,600 miles from Moscow in the former Gulag of The USSR.

Gregor Smirnoff -great great great grandson of the Smirnoff Distillery Company and current President of The WLA -Announced to a world wide group of liquor distributors in Latka's town Hall yesterday:

“ I know ths comes as quite a shock to all the residents of Latka AND Igor and Bushka lbzdfklamnsky, the owners of lbzdfklamnsky Grocery (the local liquor store) - Which has held “The Lushest Village in The World” title since dethroning the tiny village of Tullamore, in Ireland, in 1804.

He continued: “We don't know what is going on in this Pine Mountain Village in America – BUT- The World Lush Association (WLA)  - Tips its glass to the residents of what is now -officially – THE “Lushest” Village in the World”

Adnan Mohammed -The absentee landlord of The Pine Mountain general Store when contacted by satellite phone in Syria and informed of this great honor AND That a ten thousand pound bronze statue of of a peasant laying down drunk in the gutter in Shnozy ,Poland -Where the contest originated in 1132 -Was on it's way to Pine Mountain (via container ship) to his Now World Famous store!

Adnan replied: “I am a Muslim and do not condone drinking alcohol - BUT -Allah bless all the drunkards in Pine Mountain Club.California."

reported by dave nelson

The Digibandit: Remains Of Pine Mountain Club Revealed At Last

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The Digibandit: California Village of Pine Mountain Breaks World R...

The Digibandit: California Village of Pine Mountain Breaks World R...: Pine Mountain Club Does It Again! That tiny mountain community - nestled in a pine covered valley –surrounded by the Los Padres national ...

Monday, October 02, 2017

White Christian Trumpigs! - A tribe of scared losers!

They get rid of every immigrant -Black and Jew -EVERY Gay and Trans and Liberal Progressive in their towns: EVERY Abortion and Planned Parenthood clinic and erect hundreds of Confederate Statues and dig more Coal Mines and Get more Guns:
They'll still be fcking broke and miserable and angry and scared - ONLY at themselves and their neighbors -LMFAO

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Digibandit: The Complete Cold Empty SUB Human THAT IS Donald T...

The Digibandit: The Complete Cold Empty SUB Human THAT IS Donald T...: http://roarfeminist.org/2017/03/27/donald-trump-has-no-values/ THIS is what makes my head spin: The president is not a moral figu...

Trump has an amazing asset! -He's a Carbon Copy of his followers!

His strength is a great one!

His emotional chaos - petty hatreds -lack of depth - insecurity - narcissism and complete lack of intellectual balance and rigor and his moral opacity:

IS a complete mirror image of around 30 million stupid americans who adore him and most of the GOP!

Friday, May 05, 2017

Every child that dies needing medications is a curse on all of us!

Cruelty 101
I don’t really care about theory, about which is the more efficient way to rein in costs, or to give families the most choices. To me, preserving the principle that people should not be punished for a fate they could not control seems fundamental.
At the end of the day, this is not about ideology. It’s about humanity.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Complete Cold Empty SUB Human THAT IS Donald Trump

THIS is what makes my head spin: The president is not a moral figure in any idiom, any land, any culture, any subculture. I’m not talking about the liberal enlightenment that would make him want the country to take care of the poor and sick. I mean he has no Republican values either. He has no honor among thieves, no cosa nostra loyalty, no Southern code against cheating or lying, none of the openness of New York, rectitude of Boston, expressiveness and kindness of California, no evangelical family values, no Protestant work ethic. No Catholic moral seriousness, no sense of contrition or gratitude. No Jewish moral and intellectual precision, sense of history. He doesn’t care about the life of the mind OR the life of the senses. He is not mandarin, not committed to inquiry or justice, not hospitable. He is not proper. He is not a bon vivant who loves to eat, drink, laugh. There’s nothing he would die for — not American values, obviously, but not the land of Russia or his wife or young son. He has some hollow success creeds from Norman Vincent Peale, but Peale was obsessed with fair-dealing and a Presbyterian pastor; Trump has no fairness or piety. He’s not sentimental; no affection for dogs or babies. No love for mothers, “the common man,” veterans. He has no sense of military valor, and is openly a coward about war. He would have sorely lacked the pagan beauty and capacity to fight required in ancient Greece. He doesn’t care about his wife or wives; he is a philanderer but he’s not a romantic hero with great love for women and sex. He commands loyalty and labor from his children not because he loves them, even; he seems almost to hate them — and if one of them slipped it would be terrifying. He does no philanthropy. He doesn’t—in a more secular key—even seem to have a sense of his enlightened self-interest enough to shake Angela Merkel’s hand. Doesn’t even affect a love for the arts, like most rich New Yorkers. He doesn’t live and die by aesthetics and health practices like some fascists; he’s very ugly and barely mammalian. Am I missing an obscure moral system to which he so much as nods? Also are there other people, living or dead, like him?

Virginia Heffernan writes regularly for The New York Times. Her most recent book, Magic and Loss (Simon & Schuster), reveals the logic and 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Please -Become aware that you are mostly an Ignorant Asshole

If you have not studied a topic thoroughly -if you have no expertise or experience in the subject matter -if you do not have the ability to make a learned objective judgement about an issue or subject

  1. THEN
Shut the fuck up and listen to folks who know what the fuck they are talking about!

I mean it's like someone telling you how to clean your gun who has never cleaned a gun or an outhouse or never abused a child.

You know as much about climate science or anything complex basically as your fcking pet hamster.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Religious Programming Lights Up Fall for Christian Schmucks

V Land’s The CornHole Man, debuting June 20,  whichwill try to capture the reality of all the Christian Fundamentalist hypocrisy and bullshitIt stars Cedric the Entertainer as a former R&B music star who returns to his Christian roots as pastor of his father’s church. The CornHole Manfocuses on the church  as a place for repressed sexual desires, rather than a house of religion, Jones said. “The whole idea of that was unique — in many ways we think about this not necessarily as a churchbased show but rather a workplace comedy that happens to be [in] a church.” 

When real-life religious leaders are spotlighted in TLC’s Preacher Wives — which looks at the lives of several Atlanta-based pastors and their spouses who love to hump farm animals — it’s told from a lifestyle perspective, rather than in religious tones. “Fundamentally our shows focus on the lifestyles and not necessarily the faith,” TLC general manager Amy Winter said. “I think the faith is the backbone of the lifestyle choices that we show throughout the series. I wouldn’t say we’re so focused on the religion itself; it’s just a piece of their lifestyle.”

We TV’s Mary Mary Where's my Dildo gives a behind the scenes look at the lives of the famed contemporary Gospel sister duo Erica and Tina Campbell. The Campbell sisters say that the lives of faith-based characters  who are lesbians have not been reflected in mainstream reality shows, but have appeal to viewers. We TV renewed the series for a second season after it averaged nearly 600,000 viewers in its freshman run. 

“It’s good to see people be verbal about their Christian faith … but living a normal life,” Tina Campbell said. “You’re not going to see us in the pulpit preaching and trying to perfect folks, but you’ll see us living a real life and having challenges and not be able to cope with  all the deviant sex with each other and animals.” 
Some networks are building shows directly around the Good Book itself. History will team with prolific reality series producer Mark Burnett to produce a five-hour, five-part series, The Bible Is ALL Bullshit 
The series will chronicle the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and will air sometime in 2013, according to network officials.

History president and general manager Nancy Dubuc said the Bible is one of the world’s most significant fairy tales  and the series will bring its stories “to life for a new generation.” 

With more than three-quarters of Americans identifying with some form of Christianity, Amy Introcaso-Davis, executive vice president of programming for GSN, said Christianity-themed programming is an untapped genre for cable. Later this year, GSN will introduce The American Bible Challenge, a new game show that challenges contestants on their knowledge of deviant homosexuality in the Bible.

“We see the American Bible Challenge as a authentic, fun way to reach that audience — it’s very fun and very relatable,” she said, adding that each episode of the Jeff Foxworthy- hosted show will feature a gospel choir fucking onstage. 

“There’s nothing hokey about it — it’s contemporary, so I think churches themselves have gone in a different direction, so the media is going to follow them in some way.”

 she said. “At the end of the day [religion] is bullshit — religion does touch your life even if you’re not a believer, so it’s natural that we should be exploring it in all parts of the media.”

Two sick scumbags have a conversation! -Trump and O'reilly


Trump "Hey buddy i know how great it is to grab their pussies when your a star and they can't do shit about it!"
O'reilly "Yeah i love grabbing their titties and watching their eyes light up!"

Trump "It's worth a few law suits which means nothin to guys like us."

O'reilly "Yeah the poor schmucks just don't get guys like us -LOL"

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Digibandit: Obama's last major Presidential Order "Election s...

The Digibandit: Obama's last major Presidential Order "Election s...: Obama Announces - Red Neck Christian Brains To Be Mapped     President Obama  on Tuesday will announce a broad new research initiat...

Trump says he knows more than our National Intelligence Agencies suck

 Dangerous Idiot Trump, in a statement issued by his transition team on Friday evening, expressed complete disbelief in the intelligence agencies’ assessments. “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,”

"The whole national security apparatus of america is wrong about Russia getting me elected!" Boo hoo hoo "They all suck!"

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Bullshit Revolutions

Forever to be known as "The Bullshit Revolutions" of the early 21st Century

We are in the early stages of great disruption in western civilization akin to Sturm und Drang around 1777 and The Revolutions of 1848.
Sweeping changes and disruptive ideas like democracy and liberalism and nationalism and socialism and rationalism clashed back then!
What we have NOW is a monumental collision between those who can think and the forces of progress AND those who are driven and led by whatever bullshit works to keep them happy AND their leaders who are the bullshit providers.

Monday, November 28, 2016

STEVE BANNON Just another smart guy with swollen balls!

Demystifying Steve Bannon -The rich smart - highly educated scumbag populist who controls Trump and The alt rt moron racists.

If he couldn't find an army of assholes to kneel before him by exploiting native populism he would be JUST another smart well off guy.

To Sick Narciisistic Power Mad Alphas like Bannion it's NEVER enough!

It's ALL about ego and machismo and deep down insecurity and self hatred.
The touchstones of all demagogues!

( AND nothing he proposes is worth shit under careful analysis -THAT'S The Rub!)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Obama's last major Presidential Order "Election shows we need this study!"


 President Obama on Tuesday will announce a broad new research initiative, starting with $100 million in 2016, to invent and refine new technologies to understand the  how's and why's  -the unique functioning of  - Fundamentalist Christian/Redneck thought processing.

 The President announced - " Now we know these folks are not all there!"

"They oppose all attempts to move along the highway of human progress and are stuck in their Bronze Age Biblical Mentality -BUT -we are gonna help them -we are gonna give them an opportunity to wake up and smell The Roses -like these beautiful roses in our garden here all round us today."

"Oh and ESPECIALLY You Gun nuts out there!"

A senior administration scientist compared the new initiative to the Human Genome Project, in that it is directed at a problem that has seemed insoluble up to now: the recording and mapping of brain circuits in action in an effort to “show how millions of brain cells interact.  especially in the minds of these redneck Christian folks who we have always thought were just retarded by  "early childhood brain washing" but now we are looking for deeper answers.

Brain researchers can now insert wires in the brain of animals, or sometimes human beings, to record the electrical activity of brain cells called neurons, as they communicate with each other so this technique should work well with these Christian Rednecks as they have much lower IQ's and smaller brains than most folks.

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The Digibandit: Obama Announces - Fundamentalist Christian Brains...

The Digibandit: Obama Announces - Fundamentalist Christian Brains...: Obama Announces - Red Neck Christian Brains To Be Mapped     President Obama  on Tuesday will announce a broad new research initiati...

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Crapfest -Shop till you Drop - For needless Crap!

Black Friday Ditty
Let's go out and buy some crap we
can't afford or need
Eat all the plants and animals
who cares about about the seed?

Lifeplan -Buy more Crap!
Nothing saved for catastrophe -No college fund NO Insurance:
BECAUSE it Never rains in Schmuckland USA -LOL

Savings? - HUH? Cigarettes and Beer and Drugs cost me and Clem $700 right there alone. -Then theres all them blingy sales and all those phones and shit and THEN i gotta feed the lil ones?

(Elizabeth Warren offered a bit of advice during her time as a professor: Spend 50 percent on needs, 30 percent on wants and 20 percent on savings.)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

How to Save Anerica And The Earth

Here's my BIG idea:

All voting should be weighted by the ave SAT scores of the chldren of the voters. (higher scores more vote weight)

Result would give high priority to effective parenting and the potential of their children to become progressive citizens.

(also -would guarantee that dangerous emotional idiots would never reach higher office)

ie -rule by the smart

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Rise of The Schmuckbabblers


First you had the evolution of complete idiots who discovered social media and stimulated by interaction with other idiots tried 24/7 to advance concepts and ideas which any 8 year old in a good Blue State school would identify immediately as bullshit or some form of mental impairment.

These hard core fools still represent the tsunami of bulk bullshit iignorance which flows down the polluted river of social media - BUT NOW:

You'll notice that there is this Next Wave of Idiots
spewing opinions and attempts at analysis and insight and they are not QUITE as limited as the core junk/ mind morons: (idiot light)

However - Absent any acquired discipline in handling complex thought 101 which would enable them to get beyond "Truthiness" (no reading -shit education - suburban racist tribalists - stupid friends )

THEY fcking spew out these mental shit sausages 24/7 which they think have value and are profound?

Isn't that some new form of schitzophrenia?


America;s NEW White welfare Kings and Queens

You want a handout -No problem

BUT I am not willing to pay 30% more for an air conditioner or a car because you got fucked by history! (anymore than I am willing to stop shopping at Walmarts so my local retailers can increase their profits)

Globalization has created world wide prosperity for hundreds of millions of people and increased the living standards of tens of millions of Americans.

YOU got screwed in the process -that's rough! AND so I AM in favor of compensating you for your losses to a reasonable degree and to give you enough training so you can become productive and fairly compensated once more.

This is what The Democrats are for! This is what Clinton proposed!

You chose to elect someone with a bullshit magic bullet to solve your problems -There is none!

Kill every trade deal and build economic walls around America and close all the big box stores and then get ready to have a big yard sale.

Oh - And while your boxing up all the crap you don't need think about all those Americans who never had a chance and asked for help and to whom you said “fuck them welfare queens and poor slobs!”

Monday, November 14, 2016

TheBell Curve - Trumptrogs have just dug their graves a LOT deeper!

The Bell Curve - Right on the money!

It’s been 20 years since “The Bell Curve” was published. Which theses of the book do you think are the most relevant right now to American political and social life?

An increasingly isolated cognitive elite.
A merging of the cognitive elite with the affluent.
A deteriorating quality of life for people at the bottom end of the cognitive distribution.
Unchecked, these trends will lead the U.S. toward something resembling a caste society, with the underclass mired ever more firmly at the bottom and the cognitive elite ever more firmly anchored at the top, restructuring the rules of society so that it becomes harder and harder for them to lose. (p. 509)

A  Remind you of anything you’ve noticed about the US recently? If you look at the first three chapters of the book I published in 2012, “Coming Apart,” you’ll find that they amount to an update of “The Bell Curve,” showing how the trends that we wrote about in the early 1990s had continued and in some cases intensified since 1994. I immodestly suggest that “The Bell Curve” was about as prescient as social science gets.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bend over Stupid people -Your Trumpfcking has begun -LOL

Reality Check time!

"Carrier isn’t changing its plans. On Friday in a written statement, the company said, “We are making every effort to ease the transition for our Carrier colleagues in Indiana.”
The advances of technology, the diffusion of industrial expertise around the world, the availability of cheap labor and the rise of China as a manufacturing powerhouse would have disrupted the nation’s industrial heartland even without new trade deals.
Nor are tariffs likely to bring many of these jobs back, said David Autor, a professor of economics at M.I.T., who is one of the country’s foremost specialists on the pluses and minuses of free trade. “We don’t have silver bullets,” he said.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Digibandit: America is mostly comprised of Ignorant Assholes -...

The Digibandit: America is mostly comprised of Ignorant Assholes -...: Let's be clear! The schmucks dominate America! At least 48% will vote for Trump AND the House is dominated by conservative and Tea ...

Trump calls Obama The "N" word in First Meeting

On friday at the White House, the once-unimaginable happened: 
The two men met face to face for the first time for a 90-minute discussion in the Oval Office and Obama said:

'I respect the office but let's be straight! You were elected by a population of schmucks that basically should be deported to allow room for hopeful energetic and bright immigrants."
NOW before you turn The White House into a right wing schmuck palace you might want to consider that in a few years those schmucks who elected you may be standing outside with Torches and Pitchforks alongfside your Klan brothers!"
'He called me the "N" word and i had security throw him the fck outa here!"

Monday, October 24, 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Digibandit: It's Come Down To This

The Digibandit: It's Come Down To This: Message body "It's come down to this" Regardless of the election results we can never again look at a s...

Trump will commit Suicide on November 8 -The only honorable way out!

Why Trump will commit suicide on Nov. 8

Donald Trump can’t help being himself. It’s why he lost yet another debate and why he will lose the election.
The post-debate coverage has been dominated by Mr. Trump’s refusal to say he won’t accept the election results, and rightly so. It would be a shocking statement, except for the fact that he has spent much of this month attempting to undermine the foundations of our democratic system. That he would do so in a debate, despite how obviously self-destructive it was, underscores what has always been his main weakness: his unstable and disordered personality.
Mr. Trump obsesses over polls and knows that the overwhelming odds are that he will lose. Psychologically, he cannot accept that; for him, being labeled a loser is the ultimate humiliation. Therefore he has to manufacture an excuse for his impending defeat, and in this case, the excuse comes in the form of him repeatedly claiming that the election is rigged.

A Bridge WAY too far for The Deplorables and White Christian Trash to Cross!

What has become crystal clear is that when a dangerous imbecile like Trump starts spouting lie after lie -The only way an individual would know they are blatant misrepresentaions of real facts is if you can discriminate between the credible and non credible media sources and pundits supporting those facts.

That requires the ability to weigh evidence and have some spectrum of choices for analysis.
It's not brain surgery BUT definitely a bridge too far for undisciplined minds.

The divide IS definitely between those that can read and engage in nuanced thinking and analysis and those who accept any information, from any sources, that reinforce their emotions - as gospel.
That divide is bridged by better education and all the factors that create an environment for that education and greater mental acuity (and even emotional equilibrium)

Friday, October 14, 2016

It's Come Down To This

Message body