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Friday, May 29, 2015

Fox Reality "Are Black Teenagers Smarter Than a Chinese Baby?"

 Black Teens are Morons!

 wassup ?

Mike (the midget) Darnell head of Fox TV programming has announced a follow up show to it's hugely successful "Are You Smarter Than A Five Year Old?"
"Are Black Teens Smarter Than Chink Babies?" follows on the heels of a new report from The National Education Institute which revealed that the math and reading skills of black American teenagers is at the Chinese pre- school level." 

Doctor Moishe Pipick of the NEI said : "Chinese babies are significantly smarter than American teenagers and gaining rapidly on American adults --especially minorities." He went on,"American's are fast losing their ability to reason.Only ten percent read books or thoughtful periodicals or even engage in meaningful dialogue -- there lives are like a shitty sitcom."

He continued; "Our study shows conclusively that within ten years --black teenagers will be less intelligent than the grey parrot and that the average American's problem solving ability will be at the level of a three year old Chinese -- or five year old Indian child."
 So -Who should be in cages?

Dr Pipick concluded: "The only exception was among Jewish kids who are smarter than The Chinks and tied with Gooks and Dotheads"

Friday, May 22, 2015

THE Answer to Stop White Trash Christians from Breeding

Multi-millionaire religious "guru" Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh persuaded around 400 of his estimated 50 million followers worldwide to cut off their own testicles to "bring them closer to God".
 We now need The Koch bros. to step up and encourage defective Bible Belting males to neuter themselves for jesus!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hey Jew haters -The Jews Can Take care of Themselves Now!


The Islamists will call it a fabrication!
The Euro Jew haters will snicker and say "they got what they deserve!"
The college campus' will ring with chants of moral relativism and "Boycott Israel"! (Not Hamas or Hezbollah terrorists)
The Vatican after two thousand years of prodding the rabble to extinguish the Jews (those Christ killers) and aiding and abetting the cream of the Nazi SS war criminals --will of course be horiffied as they sip tea with Mohammad Abbass and Hamas.
AND -that's why we have fortress Israel AND if it goes down? The Jews will take plenty of their haters along with them -this time!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's Good to be The King

"Income" as we knew it has been redefined as it relates to the rich.

It's not about money but about whether you can buy a Gulf Stream or spend tens of millions on real estate and art and exotic pleasures.\

There's so many rich people now that it's about getting into "The Wealthy" side of the ledger that matters. Into that new top tier that distinguishes you from the 'Common 'RICH"

Merely rich folks don't feel "RICH" They feel relatively inferior to The "WEALTHY"

Being lower middle or middle class is a distant star to the merely rich under these relative circumstances as are the poor to the middle classes.

It's a whole new structure of relative happiness created by growing inequalities and cultural fragmentation at every societal level.

AND educational and health and general well being are dramatically impacted at every rung up and down the socio -economic ladder like NEVER before. So many goodies out there! A vast cornucopea of material and spiritual wonder! - IF you have the price of admission. 

The perfect recipe for vast anxiety and friction and cultural upheaval and of course political stasis.

The thing is to focus on the rich competents who are also progressives like Hillary as opposed to the rich selfish demagogues and populist regressive blatherers like almost all of The GOP.

Because if we do not initiate some kind of redistribution policies the carts will roll!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Barbara Bush Over- Heard Calling Jeb a Fcking Moron!

"Jeb has turned into a fcking moron like his Bible Belting brother!" said Barbara Bush to her best friend Muriel Waspkirk at The Kennebunckport Country Club.

Mildred Snatcher a reporter for The Moosehead Times was having lunch with a prominent local when she over heard the disparaging remarks about Jeb and George.

She said; 'Barbara was really fired up about the news that Jeb was relying on George for his Middle East  policy expertise."

I also heard her distinctly say; "That's like asking a pedophile to babysit for your young daughter -or to be more clear Priscilla ( her lunch companion) It's like asking a serial murderer to help you with anger control issues!"

I heard her sum up; "You know Mildred, forgive me for these crazy metaphors, but YOU know George is a fcking moron! -And now Jeb has demostrated what a schmuck he is too!"

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Church Will NEVER Get IT!

I find it laughable that any man or woman could even begin to expect sexless sexually repressed men to have any concept of what it is like to be a biologically normal female OR male.

Let us NOT complicate this issue!

AGAIN -these are men who are not allowed to have any sexual interaction with women!

Shall i repeat that again?

The primary biological drive! THE most basic biological emotional component of normal men and women and catalyst for all human understanding and empathy IS TOTALLY absent from and denied to - These strange men in robes!

Say it again! NO SEX!

It is one big Monty Pythonesque satire about expecting one legged men with no dicks to hurdle the obstacles to women's (or even men's for that matter) equal treatment!