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Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Extreme Cougar Wet Pussy Wives' From TLC -The Lobotomy Chanel

 TLC Head of Programming

The Lobotomy Channel is back with more "learning" for us!

Casting Call: TLC AKA The Lobotomy Channel and production company Stiletto Television is looking for more fabulous cougars for their docu-series, "Extreme Cougar Wet Pussy Wives."  

 If you are a woman 50+ years old with an outgoing personality and amazing energy who is happily in love (or looking for love) with a much younger man,  -

 and your pussy gets wet just looking at a dick 

 then the producers want to hear your love story.  If you or someone you know is an extreme cougar please send an email to Rachel Macy, Casting Producer at: extremecougarwives@gmail.com or call 310-957-5757 ext 263.  With your email include your contact information, a brief bio and a recent phone.  Deadline is February 22.