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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fox TV Announces "We Had Anal Sex During Sandy"

 let The Party begin
Fox Reality President Myron Schlockwell announced in Hollywood today:

"We are gonna show the world that when American's are in a disaster the thing they do best is fuck each other!"

He went on: "We are gonna show what happens when a drug ridden consumptive  culture which lives on Spectacle and Hoo Ra Ra are confined to quarters with the lights out and the wind howlin!!!"

"Fucking and Snorting and drinking and Sucking and Cornholing everything in sight with  wild abandon while houses and families get blown away (hehhehe)"

He said "This is Fox TV at it's best -appealing to the hard core morons who lap this shit up like ass candy!!!"

Romney Ryan Can't Stop Cryin -Boo Hoo Hoo

 The REAL Paul Ryan
"It was the freebies to the niggers and spics and poor white trash that did it!--it was the urban poor who killed us!  - The Kikes were behind it and The Mormon haters! - The liberal fags and tree huggers did us in? -Boo hoo hoo! -The 47%  -the poor schmucks and losers -boo hoo!"

Nah couldn't have anything to do with American's across all states (not the Mental Case states in the South of course) and all demos realizing that a coaltion of the Christian right nutsos and the Superrich were not exactly taking them down a path to reason and prosperity -Nah