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Monday, November 26, 2012

Fox TV Announces "I Dream of Fucking Genie" next gen Genie

 Larry Loved Genie head
"This is gonna be the next gen "I Dream of Genie" and the one Larry Hagman would love to have starred in""said Myron Schlockman prexy of Fox Reality TV -Oh and you know the old joke?

"A guy sees a Gorgeous Genie and she asks him for three wishes  -he replies - riches -health AND:

"How about a little head?"

"SO -She gives him a LITTLE head!  HA HA HA! -get it a LITTLE head for real -not a blow job -a LITTLE head! -Oh that kills me."

He continued -"BUT -in "I Fucked Genie"  The program starts with real "Genie Head"and it just gets better from there."

So this one's for you Larry who we hope never turned down a blow job from Genie.