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Monday, May 06, 2013

Ted Nugent Shocks NRA At Convention! "I am Gay AND I Hate Guns!" - Wayne La Pierre has Heart Attack!

  Ted Nugent SHOCKS crowd on final day of NRA convention -"I am Gay! -AND I HATE Guns and Killing Animals!"
 "it's all been an act to prove i'm manly"

Nugent shocked the crowd -before being dragged off the stage -by saying how gun nuts are mostly sexually repressed white men who are scared and insecure and paranoid about their manhood.


HOUSTON - As the final speaker at the National Rifle Association convention in downtown Houston, legendary guitarist and 2nd Amendment rock star Ted Nugent implored an enthusiastic crowd "to throw away their guns and embrace peace and enlightenment."


At this point Wayne La Pierre -the NRA honcho had to be put on oxygen and escorted from The Hall  -he was screaming:

"Nugent is a faggot and Gun Hater -oh my god -oh my god -i hope he has AIDS!"