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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Katie Couric Will Do News Without Underwear

In a daring move to improve her ratings among male viewers it was announced today by Les Moonsies,Prsident of Paramount/CBS that: "Efective Valentines Day,Katie Couric will not be wearing any bra or panties during her news coverage. Wether she will be wearing underwear in her field reporting is still being negotiated."

He further stated; "This will not effect the quality of her coverage (forgive the pun) but will hopefully more fully engage the imagination of men in and with her reporting."

Ms. Couric was not available for comment but sources close to her said her biggest concern was that she might "blow a wet one" in the heat of breakng news coverage.

Her old sidekickk Matt Lauer said; "I certainly hope Candy Crowley doesn't pick up on this."