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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Injun Chief With Pilgrim in Heaven --Thanksgiving 2012

 we fucked you back
 you are still savages

  Chief Whitefish -"Look Pilgrim what has happened since you fucked us back then - My people have Casinos and loads of bling and their children go to Harvard and drive BMW trucks and our wives have Gucci luggage - And YOUR people have no jobs and are losing their houses and your druggy children have to leave college and live at home and your wives are desperate for sex and bling and security."

Pilgrim John Smith -"So what -You are still a bunch of fucking savages!"

Happy Thanksgiving

Imagine the Israeli/Gaza Crisis WITH a Nuclear Armed Iran in The Picture

Ok? -enough said? - Get the point? - Iran has been supplying Hamas with rockets and total strategic support SO if they were nuke Capable they would be threatening with them and Israel (seconds away from having to make a nuke response decision) would be sitting on a razor thin edge and ANY provocation from the death worshiping nutbag Zealots in Tehran and there would be a nuclear exchange with millions of people incinerated.

NOW you don't hear any anxiety about Israel using their existing Nukes to resolve their threats do you?  -WHY??? - Because we all know they are not that crazy!  -BUT????

The Mad Mullahs who can't wait to get to Paradise and fuck Virgins in a swimming pool who control Iran and who have denied the Holocaust and pray for Israels destruction every day cannot be allowed to get any nukes.