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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Founding Fathers Would laugh Their Asses Off at NRA Loonies

The Second Amendment allowed for state militias on the cheep, by using citizens arms. It also was a counter balance to the power of the federal government. But the Second Amendment has been an anachronism for over 150 years. State Militias , now known as the National Guard, issue arms to its members. In addition, the most significant arms in the modern military include fighter jets, misiles, artillery, heavy weapons and such, not the kind of things most parents want floating around the neighbor. To allow anyone to own such arms by right is completely uncivilized and not the kind of world most sane people would want to raise a family in.   - SO

Everyone should be able to hunt and/or protect his home -BUT all this gun worship psychopathy  
by morons who worship guns as adult toys and think they are standing by in case our government goes berserk is fucking ridiculous -it just creates a Cowboy Macho Culture awash in weapons that does not protect life -it destroys life and all the statistics support that.

Ted - Kids Cursing Out Parents -Teachers -Vulgar Epidemic

"My four year old daughter was thrown out of Montessori pre- school for calling her teacher a 'fucking fat cunt' -and when i yelled at her she told me to "go get fuckd in the ass!' -said Elise Mandelbaum of Forest Hills, Queens NYC -NY
"I thought Ted was a kids movie and i innocently let her watch it - i heard her laughing and asked her if she liked it after i finished cooking dinner and she said "Yes Mom -hey what smells like shit in here?"

"WELL -i almost fell over -and my husband said - what did you say Eva? (our daughter) but she just went into her room and we didn't think anymore about it until we found out the next day that she called her teacher a fat cunt - OH and later we found out she was telling all the boys to eat her pussy!"
Mrs Mandelbaum concluded;"Oh -and the boys were replying to her by saying "they wanted to fuck her in the ass!" -These are 5 year olds! -My God!!! -What's next??"
What's NEXT indeed?
 WELL the digibandit has found out that this TED THING has now produced a worldwide epidemic of child vulgarity on a par with The Diceman at his rawest  AND with far reaching impications for humanity.
Stay Tuned