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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elvis Visits Priscilla Presley -says - "He and God think Romney and Ryan are Douchebags"

Elvis says God said says Romney/Ryan are douchebags
 first boner iv'e had in 35 years
"I was settin on The Veranda when he appeared as clear as day and told me he only had a minute to say that both he and God took a long hard look at the presidential candidates and concluded that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were the biggest pair of douchebags to ever run for the office of president"

Priscilla went on; "Then came the real shocker! -Elvis said that God said that they were a pair of  genuine phony cocksuckers!  - And then he said ;"And you know God don't usually go for cussun!."
 Don't let these cocksuckers win!
She concluded; ""And then -oh gosh -he said he wished i could see his 8 inch boner which he got from seein my bodaceous ta ta's again!"

"And then he was gone! - Gee i sure am glad i had my tits fixed!"

ps "  Jeez -almost forgot -he said Jesus thought they were a coupla assholes!"