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Friday, January 22, 2010

Japanese Woman Gives Birth To Giant Squid

In another horrible example of the dramatic and disastrous changes taking place in the environment:

"Shinsuji Takamashaya gave birth to a twenty pound Giant Squid on the tiny Japanese atoll of Fonguyutu" - said Doctor Myashkenazi, an internist and genetic biologist with Japan's National Institute of Eco and Womb Research.

The human squid is considered to be sent by the God's in Taost tradition and will be reared by Japanese Monks in a sacred salt water tank .

Japan's Royal Monarch decreed an end to Whale hunting saying " This birth is a sign from the Nature Gods -- they are clearly pissed and we do not need to see a generation of human sushi appear in Japan."

Pat Robertson said " It's God's punishment of a pagan people who do not believe in our Jesus."

PS -- TheSquid's father was last seen rowing out to Sea and cannot be found -- he left a note; " How can i be a father to a Giant Squid?"