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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paula Deen Is Just Your Average Ignorant Southern Christian Ignorant Cracker Redneck

 Nigger is just a word -it don't mean nuttin
For over two centuries black people were enslaved - worked like dogs for nothing -ripped apart from their families -brutalized - stripped of all human dignity -hung from trees like apples -whipped and burnt and branded.
So when a prominent redneck like Paula Deen remains culturally tone deaf to the sensitivity which that sordid history produced it is less a condition of racism but a prime example of the fucking pervasive ignorance at the core of low class white christian red state ignorance that continues to resist all efforts to make America a fair and progressive Nation for all it's citizens.
These fat backward christians waiting in protest to the Food network's firing her outside of Deen's restaurant looking like goobers lined up drooling to get on  "The Price is Right"
need to put away their bible belting mentalities and join the rest of progressive America which is striving for a fairer and more illuminated existence based on education - intelligent and compassionate parenting -and an honest awareness of history.