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Saturday, August 25, 2012

'Google's "Dildo Android" outsells IPhone masturbation App - Combo Dildo Orgasm App

Women are all 'Buzzing" and "Vibrating" - literally - with their "Dildo Android" 5g inserted -their Vagina Connected ear buds in place  - the selected Orgasm App  broadcasting erotic pre programmed erotic recordings from their real life partner(s) of choice  -  or their Fantasy Celebrity -or any one of 69 different Customized or Set Erotic themes.

 9 differentVibration Settings (light show options) AND with  the Dildo Android inserted EVERY call is an exotic adventure as different voice decibels activate the phones Clit Sensor to vary the stimulation.

"This is looking bigger than The " Male Masturbation App" and we are looking at ways to combine both software packages -SO stand bye for more on that." said Dr Moishe Pipick senior engineer for Google Worldwide Erotic Programming."

OH and don't forget "Cumming and Going Don't Mix!"
                           so drive safely

Obama Asks For Donald Trump's Birth Certificate (also Paul Ryan's)

 also has scales
"Anyone whose name rythmes with HUMP -BUMP- STUMP- LUMP -DUMP and RUMP is very suspicious in my book!" said The President in a Rose Garden press Conference today

He also said -"And -when you think about it have you ever heard of an AMERICAN named TRUMP?"

"Also" The president went on; "Homeland Security has told me that his hair is NOT normal and might be of an ALIEN Nature?"

What Hump?
"Oh- and while we're at it we are gonna be checking out Paul Ryan's birth certificate to make sure he is NOT Marty Feldman in disguise."

"Might have to deport them both -heh heh heh