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Monday, October 24, 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Digibandit: It's Come Down To This

The Digibandit: It's Come Down To This: Message body "It's come down to this" Regardless of the election results we can never again look at a s...

Trump will commit Suicide on November 8 -The only honorable way out!

Why Trump will commit suicide on Nov. 8

Donald Trump can’t help being himself. It’s why he lost yet another debate and why he will lose the election.
The post-debate coverage has been dominated by Mr. Trump’s refusal to say he won’t accept the election results, and rightly so. It would be a shocking statement, except for the fact that he has spent much of this month attempting to undermine the foundations of our democratic system. That he would do so in a debate, despite how obviously self-destructive it was, underscores what has always been his main weakness: his unstable and disordered personality.
Mr. Trump obsesses over polls and knows that the overwhelming odds are that he will lose. Psychologically, he cannot accept that; for him, being labeled a loser is the ultimate humiliation. Therefore he has to manufacture an excuse for his impending defeat, and in this case, the excuse comes in the form of him repeatedly claiming that the election is rigged.

A Bridge WAY too far for The Deplorables and White Christian Trash to Cross!

What has become crystal clear is that when a dangerous imbecile like Trump starts spouting lie after lie -The only way an individual would know they are blatant misrepresentaions of real facts is if you can discriminate between the credible and non credible media sources and pundits supporting those facts.

That requires the ability to weigh evidence and have some spectrum of choices for analysis.
It's not brain surgery BUT definitely a bridge too far for undisciplined minds.

The divide IS definitely between those that can read and engage in nuanced thinking and analysis and those who accept any information, from any sources, that reinforce their emotions - as gospel.
That divide is bridged by better education and all the factors that create an environment for that education and greater mental acuity (and even emotional equilibrium)

Friday, October 14, 2016

It's Come Down To This

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