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Friday, March 20, 2009

Where's a John Wayne When You Need One?

Hey - would you let the government arbitrarily change the tax code to fuck you out of contractually earned income?

I mean- the American Revolution got started over crapola like that.

The congress - some Republicans aside - is desperate to avoid the peasants marching towards their homes with torches and pitchforks looking for "Financial Frankensteins" like poor Chris Dodd.

I mean- just ask the average person out there what a derivative is or a credit swap - and they will ask you what channel it's on. And our chicken shit legislators just run for cover instead of playing the tough instructive sherrif with the ignorant lynch mob :

Ok - no problema - here's the keys to their cell - there's the tree over there - here's a nice rope.

Where's a John Wayne when you need one?

"Welluh put down that torch and rope pardner - you are just an ignorant fired up jerkoff - go home and beat up your wife - and leave financial justice to folks with IQ's over seventy five."

What a bunch of unprincipled wimps those congressional democrats are - and that includes the head wimp himself . (You know who)

It's so disgusting - this whole hyped up fucking uproar!

These bonus recipients would have gotten paid per their contracts if NO bailout was provided - the bailout was provided out of necessity - and the bonus' are a drop in the bucket - a tiny percent of the bailout money. And this is VERY complicated shit they are dealing with -they are not just a bunch of greedy morons - you think they wanted this collapse?

They took risks and made mistakes - just like everone else - from the high rollers to the schmucky borrowers.

And even if you don't care about taxation without representation and a blatant confiscatory breech of contracts - you SHOULD care about not having the most qualified people around to get AIG back to normal.

But - Nooo - the jerkoffs in congress are willing to abuse their power - and lie - and do or say anything to appease you - their ignorant emotional constituents - the mob - when the going gets rough.

We need John Wayne!

Anyway - any AIG bonus recipient worth his salt is in Las Vegas - driving around in a new ferrari - and getting laid by five- hundred dollar an hour hookers - Before Uncle Sam gets to pick his pockets.