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Thursday, November 29, 2012

phto caption contest -Winner gets to Ride on top of Mitts car

Great lunch Mitty Now go home and Cry some more -oh and send my best to BatFace Ryan 

Obama Offers Romney Job as Mormon Adviser - Romney Rejects Offer

 I'm no Mormon Lackey for that Nigga

The President over lunch with failed candidate Romney offered him a job as Head of Understanding Strange Religions and Customs - to which Romney allegedly told  his wife later:

"I'm no lackey for that nigga in the White House! -maybe i should just be The White House pool boy?"

The president was pissed off after being rebuffed in his offer and announced:

"Hey - first of all those Mormons are a strange and powerful group - a bit kooky BUT i would like to get a better handle on them strange white folks out there in the Desert who seem to be smokin something the rest of us ain't -hahaha!"

He continued: "oh -and it isn't like anyone else is standin around throwing jobs at this guy after he tries two suicide attempts and one by eating money -I mean -what's he gonna do next? -commit suicide by eating Caviar -hahaha? -only kidding folks - i wish him nothin but the best."

"And his wife too"