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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Read this And Puke -Iraq War Got Us Nothing But Fucking Pain -Sadam Was Right!!!


 ha ha ha
Ali Musa Daqdiq -    killer of Americans and civilians while we were in Iraq - gets shipped off to Lebanon to make the Iraqis good Shiite allies happy instead of being sent here to stand trial - they said fuck you America and oh thanks for all that killing and slaughtering so you could free us from the Sunnis so we could then help Iran and help Assad and then together try and fuck all of you stupid Americans up the ass  -ha ha ha

Should hung GW Instead
Sadaam Hussein was right about these Shiite motherfuckers!!!

Forced labor Built Your Ikea Furniture - So Fucking what

BERLIN — Ikea has long been famous for its inexpensive, some-assembly-required furniture. On Friday the company admitted that political prisoners in the former East Germany provided some of the labor that helped it keep its prices so low.
Do we care about some kraut in East Germany working 18 hours a day on a diet of some crusty rotten bread and a stale pickle?
fuck no - we have lots of kids living in cars with their unemployed Moms scavenging dumpsters for one meal a day. 
hey -maybe Ikea can hire THEM