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Thursday, December 06, 2012

"Babes on a Bus Seeking Great Oral and Anal Sex" from Fox and Endemol

FOX ordered a dating series pilot from Endemol under the tentative title Babes on a Bus Seeking Great Oral and Anal Sex.  The project is based on a successful format that originated in Norway which offers a new twist on matchmaking.  The concept will have ten single women looking for the man of their dreams as they travel to various small towns around the country on a bus.  At each stop they will be introduced to the town's best bachelors who will try to impress them with their oral and anal sex skills.  

At the end of each week, the women can either choose to stay or join the bus headed for the next town.  Endemol has already sold the format in Denmark, Germany, Norway, France, the Netherlands and Slovenia.

(Next up will be MEN on the Bus  -stay tuned girls)