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Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Digibandit: Something for EVERYONE in New Fall TV Programs! -T...

The Digibandit: Something for EVERYONE in New Fall TV Programs! -T...: “Christians Gone Bad” - Serves up stories of former devoted Fundamentalists who become Hasidic Jews and kill and torture Altar boys....

Obama recommends formation of -- The United Nations World Wide "BLOW JOB CORPS<"

Obama said "These sexually repressed folks are just too backed up!"

 Obama announced   "We need a United Nations Blow Job Corp.  (comprised of BOTH men AND women)

 To Help reduce anger among conservative christians and islamists!

Volunteers needed ( i'm too old -before you ask)"

America is mostly comprised of Ignorant Assholes -The numbers don't Lie!

Let's be clear! The schmucks dominate America! At least 48% will vote for Trump AND the House is dominated by conservative and Tea Party throw backs.
If it wasn't for the highly educated elites (who can at least reason objectively) America would be one big white christian lower middle class shithole!
And the poor would be TOTALLY fcked  NOT just  PARTIALLY FCKED!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Doctors at The Mayo Clinic Agree - Trump MUST have Brain Cancer !

 "It's the ONLY explanation for his behavior"

Dr Moishe Pipick head of The Mayo's Clinic's Ontology Wing said today:

" I have observed the way individuals with terminal brain tumors act for over  30 years now!"

"I have consulted with my staff and reviewed his behavior patterns on video with them."

He concluded : "He is either a pathological liar and sociopath or has a pre-frontol lobe terminal tumor! AND we are betting on a combination of both!"