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Saturday, June 20, 2015

"Dylan Roof should face a Firing Squad Comprised of Kids!" says South Carolina Governor

Nicki Haley the redneck Governor of America's most backward state said today:

"We want to send a message! We want our kids to know about the effects of violence and discrimination against religion!"

"We also think they should see a live fire demonstration of what a bullet can do to flesh and bones AND SO we are recommending that Dylan Booth be shot and killed by South Carolina's finest youngsters!"

"We will select them based on a State Wide shooting contest!"

America is headed IN the Right Direction - The Defectives Are Isolated!

We now have almost all the regressive assholes living within the boundaries of a specific region!

Do not be aggravated about their Bronze Age  regressive bullshit and the the morons they elect -It's a waste of time and energy.

They have never and will never change and fortunately they are dying at a higher rate than the more enlightened  are.

Smoking and Obesity and Gun Violence and Booze and Drugs will slowly but surely send them to the dustbin of History.

Meanwhile just keep The Blue State thing rolling along and just ignore these assholes!

Hitler and Stalin Would Have Loved Fox News

Boycott Fox news sponsors and join in the fight to eliminate them!
People are tired of the lies and deceit of Fox News. The right-wing propaganda mill that has been rated truthful only 11% of the time has managed to dominate the cable news ratings without offering a shred of anything newsworthy for years.

JOIN the Fight!