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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lifetime Viewers AreLoser/ Morons says New Study

A revealing but expected study of Women who are heavy viewers of 'Lifetime" reveals the following:

87% have a Body Mass Index over 140

92% have sex less than once per month

67% have IQ's under 105

78% have cholesterol problems and swollen feet

82% hate their husbands who hate them back

97% believe Mary was a Virgin

69% said they would blow any delivery man who was white

76% said they would like to have anal sex -but without being butt raped by their drunken husbands

88% drink heavily in combination with some prescription medication

98% have never read a book or gone to see their kid's teachers

61% eat at least one pound of Velveeta Cheeses per month

78% are white trash or will be soon

94% of their husbands abuse hookers and hate their dogs