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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Digibandit: Catch The Bern - Photo Caption Contest

The Digibandit: Catch The Bern - Photo Caption Contest: "What's this old fcking Jew doing in Iowa anyways?" Now let's have YOURS! Just look at those young christian corntard...

Trump overheard Blasting Iowa in Motel Room

"I can't believe i have to stay in this fcking dump!" said Trump to his campaign manager!

Merle Snott  the manager rof the Min-Iowa Motel in Sioux City overheard the conversation shortly after Trump checked in over the intercom.

'I also heard him say: "It's bad enough i had to go kiss some  Iowan Corntard Priest's ass -let alone spend the night in this  hogpit of a motel."

The Fox News reporter asked Mr. Snott; "Are you still gonna vote for Trump?"

"Hell yes!  -  ."He's a real American - unlike that Spic Cruz!"