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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pro Sports Needs Super Performance Enhanced - "SPEED" Divisions

Bud Selig should announce that starting with pro baseball - a 'SPEED" division will be added to each league -where every player will undergo super performance enhanced training.

It will create a titanic shift in sports competition - Remember Drago (the Russian hi tech enhanced boxer) vs. Rocky Balboa (training under primitive conditions in Siberia) -in Rocky V.

Hey - todays athletes are a biological world away from professional athletes of yesteryear in terms of nutrition - phsical training - medicine - rehabilitation - equipment - motivational and coaching tequniques - pain remediation - and even "legal" doping, and let's not forget, recruitment is now from a much wider gene pool.

So let's cut out all this nostalgic whining for the good old days of "natural men" duking it out on the field of professional sports Chivalry. - I say let's seriously juice up a batch of superstars athletes - using every trick in the modern - state of the art bio/robotic handbook - and put em head to head with all the other quasi bionic superstars.

And boy will the ratings and revenues go through the roof -and who knows -maybe David WILL slay Goliath? (and goodbye all those idiotic asteriks)

But don't bank on it - just get used to the idea - your grandchildren will definitely be "Sports Junkies."