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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bachelorette Two Hour Anal Sex Episode - Highest ratings in TV History - Guaranteed!

 In my opinion a special cornholing edition of The Bachelorette would DRIVE 40 million viewers to this program and be a breakout example - once and for all - of what American Morons really want in escapist reality programming in this cultural era best defined by Chris Hitchens in his book:

The Age of Ilusion - (The Rise of Spectacle AND The Triumph of Illiteracy)

Week 3 of the latest season of The Bachelorette (1.7/5) saw Desiree Hartsock’s search for love pit her remaining 10 male suitors against players from the National Dodgeball League, take them to a dude ranch and discover that someone has a girlfriend back home. Of course, in the end two of the guys ended up going home. Also in the end, The Bachelorette was even with its June 4 show and tied a regular broadcast series low.

The Bachelorette Anal Sex Special could make ratings and cultural history

As The Bachelors Take Turns Cornholing her to the delight of everyone involved - especially The Bachelorette who will then Crown The Winning Butt Buster:
 Her Butt Is Wild!
Her Crown Prince of Anal Entry

Grab this idea fast or The Learning Disabled Channel will jump on it for sure!
(formerly TLC)