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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fox Reality announces "Loin Surge" with Petraeus and Broadwell

 Myron Schlocky head of Fox Reality development announced that General Petraeus and  Paula Broadwell will be hosting thier upcoming new show which will take a look at powerful men and women caught cheating in the heat of "Loin Surge"

He said "Loin Surge" is something that happens when a cock and pussy experience an unbelieveable attraction as powerful as The Iraqi Surge that General Petraeus used to stop the violence there."

 The General added:" When i saw Broadwell it was like  my cock turned into a heat seeking missile" and Broadwell added; "Yep -and my pussy was ALL In!"

"Another winner for the morons who eat this shit like candy -hehhehhe!" said Schlocker

Broadwell loves Petraeus ALL in Me -Is this CIA Code???

  Broadwell loved him ALL IN ME
 You gotta kidding me -The head of the CIA - creator of The Surge in Irag - gets caught fucking a Broad named Paula "Broadwell" -while working on his bio called "All In" 

"Broadwell"   -"ALL IN" -"All in Broadwell"

What am i missing here? When do the Aliens land?

Mrs Petraeus
Shouldn't the CIA Director have seen this as some kind of code???


Christian Conservatives are NOW in Obama Hell - Hallelujah -End of Moron Times

The end of times has come for these mental midgets - and Christian Conservatives are crying in their barns and bars -Coulter and Santorum and Perry and Rush and that black Pizza moron and Michelle the Loony Bachman and Palin The Mental Midget and the evil Newt all wishing god would make Obama disappear (they sure made Mitt disappear with their nasty ignorant bible crap) -and all those kids who might now get a chance to grow up normal. -Hallelujah!