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Friday, January 22, 2016


"In the information blur of last year, you may have overlooked news of our incredibly shrinking attention span. A survey of Canadian media consumption by Microsoft concluded that the average attention span had fallen to eight seconds, down from 12 in the year 2000. We now have a shorter attention span than goldfish, the study found."


However -These 'Goldfish" can focus on a video game all day long while texting and sharing pictures between pauses in the video mayhem.

This will become a survival mechanism ( cultural evolution) because soon an increasing number of  people will be  wards of a government  system of "living wages" as their economic utility continues to devolve and degrade to worthlessness.

The LAST thing society can tolerate is millions of bored citizens siiting around staring into space!

Look at The GOP primary  political dystopia and multiply that by magnitudes.