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Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's Good to be The King

"Income" as we knew it has been redefined as it relates to the rich.

It's not about money but about whether you can buy a Gulf Stream or spend tens of millions on real estate and art and exotic pleasures.\

There's so many rich people now that it's about getting into "The Wealthy" side of the ledger that matters. Into that new top tier that distinguishes you from the 'Common 'RICH"

Merely rich folks don't feel "RICH" They feel relatively inferior to The "WEALTHY"

Being lower middle or middle class is a distant star to the merely rich under these relative circumstances as are the poor to the middle classes.

It's a whole new structure of relative happiness created by growing inequalities and cultural fragmentation at every societal level.

AND educational and health and general well being are dramatically impacted at every rung up and down the socio -economic ladder like NEVER before. So many goodies out there! A vast cornucopea of material and spiritual wonder! - IF you have the price of admission. 

The perfect recipe for vast anxiety and friction and cultural upheaval and of course political stasis.

The thing is to focus on the rich competents who are also progressives like Hillary as opposed to the rich selfish demagogues and populist regressive blatherers like almost all of The GOP.

Because if we do not initiate some kind of redistribution policies the carts will roll!