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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fox Announces "Are Chinese Babies Smarter Than Black Teenagers?"

 Black Teens are Morons!

 wassup ?

Mike (the midget) Darnell head of Fox TV programming has announced a follow up show to it's hugely successful "Are You Smarter Than A Five Year Old?"
"Are Black Teens Smarter Than Chink Babies?" follows on the heels of a new report from The National Education Institute which revealed that the math and reading skills of black American teenagers is at the Chinese pre- school level." 

Doctor Moishe Pipick of the NEI said : "Chinese babies are significantly smarter than American teenagers and gaining rapidly on American adults --especially minorities." He went on,"American's are fast losing their ability to reason.Only ten percent read books or thoughtful periodicals or even engage in meaningful dialogue -- there lives are like a shitty sitcom."

He continued; "Our study shows conclusively that within ten years --black teenagers will be less intelligent than the grey parrot and that the average American's problem solving ability will be at the level of a three year old Chinese -- or five year old Indian child."
 So -Who should be in cages?

Dr Pipick concluded: "The only exception was among Jewish kids who are smarter than The Chinks and tied with Gooks and Dotheads"

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fox Reality TV scores BIG with "Idols of Auschwitch"

 Hava Hershkovitz

 The Holocaust Survivor belted out a version of Ethel Merman's
 "There's No Business Like ShowBusness" 
in a rousing parody entitled:"There's No Uglier Fag on Earth Than Ahmadinejad" to win Fox TV's premiere of 'Idols of Auschwitz.'

  Fox Prexy Irving Schlock said. "At their age and after all they've been through
 Fuck These Old Jews
these tough old Jews are delighted to sing and dance  -and Hava brought the house down with that 
 Ahmadinejad parody"

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Good Christian Women Who Give Great Blow Jobs

I mean just look at those lips and you know she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch

AND -  throw in some cornholing and you might have a good christian Wife

NRA says White American's (only) Should Own Artillery

 The Snout Brothers -Gun fanatics
 Is Your Gun Handy Clem?
 Study shows NRA members with low IQ's and high BMI
"Well that's just a bunch of liberal crapola what them Jews and Fags and Niggers say about too many guns!" said Clem Snout the NRA president"

He continued, "The more firepower in the hands of white American's the better - and i mean even kinda weirdy WHITE Americans! -- If a few folks get nailed along the way well that's just like my Momma used to to say:

"Clem -if you wanna make an Omelete you gotta break a few eggs"

Mr. Snout continued" "Matter of fact we need WHITE America to wake the fuck up and start investing in REAL firepower because when the Jews and Africans and Mexy's and homo's start swarmin all over us it's gonna take some Howitzers to set em back on their asses"

"It's like Sarah Palin always says -"Don't retreat --RELOAD!" said Stout "AND i don't see nothin in the Constitution says a white American caint own a Howitzer or even a flame thrower -or mount a set of quad fifties on his pickup truck"

"Next year the NRA will seek legislation to REQUIRE every White man (non Jews and NO Homos)) to carry a gun at all times except when he's humpin his old lady and then she has to have one handy and keep one eye peeled for trouble"
"Vigilance is the answer" concluded President Snout -"You all just read this kikey propoganda from the wimpy NY Times!"

"What is the matter with us? Are we really helpless in the face of the astounding toll that guns take on this society?

More than 30,000 people die from gunfire every year. Another 66,000 or so are wounded, which means that nearly 100,000 men, women and children are shot in the United States annually. Have we really become so impotent as a society, so pathetically fearful in the face of the extremists, that we can’t even take the most modest of steps to begin curbing this horror?

Where is the leadership? We know who’s on the side of the gun crazies. Where is the leadership on the side of sanity?

For starters, assault weapons should be banned. Their raison d’√™tre is to kill the maximum number of people — people, not animals — in the shortest amount of time"

Friday, December 28, 2012

Chimpman Jacob Zuma Worries about Dogs in Shithole South Africa

Jacob Zuma, has declared having a pet dog is not African, and that black South Africans who buy a dog and take it for walks are copying white culture. Mr Zuma, 70, was speaking at a traditional event in KwaZulu-Natal province, his first public appearance since being re-elected president of the African National Congress a week ago.

Poverty -Aids -Violence - Unemployment and Human rights Abuses and Corruption are  pervasive in his shithole of a country and he's talking shit about dogs?

They should put him in a cage and throw him a fucking Banana.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lest We Forget All Those Psycopaths at Stormfront Who Love Jesus


Here's one of the more eloquent and thoughtful postings you can find on stormfront -oh -and organizations like stormfront are just the tip of the iceberg of defective human's floating around out there.

"Anyone who has been around Jews is surely aware of the frequency with which they use “Jesus Christ” as an expletive or curse. Lately I have been politely telling God’s chosen people that I find this offensive. So far I have found that it quickly shuts up the loud mouth Jews."  - NOW ISN'T THAT posting an example of true Christian love if  ever you heard  one???

."Stormfront is an online community of White activists. It's not a business, no one receives a salary, and our work is supported by voluntary contributions. These are used entirely for upgrading hardware and software, monthly Internet bandwidth charges, expanding Stormfront radio and other multi-media projects, publishing our printed newspaper and, when necessary, legal bills.
These forums are now visited by over forty thousand people each day, and with the Obamanation looming, traffic often spikes much higher and overloads our servers"

How Fucking Scary Is that Shit?

 that's the digibandit's xmas message to Don Black -founder of stormfront.org
 Don and Elmer Black  Stormfront owners
Oh and we let tens of thousands of these mindless viscious morons have guns without a background check? 

merry Xmas 


Monday, December 24, 2012

Clint Eastwood says "I Had To Stop Romney - And his party of Christian Rednecks"

 Clint Eastwood made a startling revelation today in a press conference in Carmel,Ca. today he explained: "Now those of you who have followed my work know i don't pull any punches -and i realized early on that the Republican morons running for President could not be elected Dog Catcher anywhere but in Shitbird towns and States BUT that Romney might have a shot at fooling folks hard hit by hard times SO:

"I knew i had to do something that would help folks see that supporters of Romney and that Bat Faced Ryan were completely off the beam AND SO as a respected national Figure i used my appearance at The GOP Conference to help sabotage Romney whose election along with the Christian right wing loonies who would have permeated all aspects of government (like under that wacko Bush) would have been disastrous for America"

And my hat is off to all of you who in the words of the "WHO"  --'we won't get fooled again' -stopped these conservative morons in their tracks!"

Saturday, December 22, 2012

JESUS Said "My Jewish Wife is a Fucking Ballbreaker!" - In new found Ancient Scroll

 why me?
Professor Karen L. King, in her office at Harvard Divinity School, held a fragment of papyrus that she says contains a reference to Jesus' wife.
 The ink on the front side contains eight lines, dark enough to be legible.  -- Jesus said unto to them"My Jewish wife is a fucking Ballbreaker.” 
“It’s obviously an important find,” said Carl R. Holladay, professor of New Testament studies at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University.
Also, he added, “The circumstances in which it’s come to light really require all scholars to realize that Jesus was another man who suffered from wife ballbreaking"
Dr. King has reiterated that the fragment is  proof that Jesus was married because it was found shortly before his death, making it historically reliable. 
The finding has prompted “Jesus Was Married” headlines around the world — and jokes about Mrs. Jesus’ “honey-do” list.
The papyrus fragment, which measures only about 1 ½ by 3 inches, is written in Coptic that Dr. King says is consistent with writing seen in fourth-century Egypt. It is roughly rectangular, torn on all four sides, so that each line of text is incomplete. 
Other phrases in the text suggest that it is an account of a dialogue between Jesus and his disciples, Dr. King maintains. According to her translation, Line 3 includes the words  
“She  is hot but somewhat of a bitch .” Line 5, immediately after the line about Jesus’ wife, says, “...she will be able to be my disciple.” Line 7 says, “As for me, I dwell with her in order to get laid and relax therein and that fag Paul is going to hate her.”
Dr. King, who holds a chair at Harvard Divinity School, has written extensively about the Gospels of Mary, Judas and Philip, relatively recent discoveries that are not a part of the established biblical canon. Even before this week, Dr. King was a favorite target of religious leaders who seek to alter the truth to protect the Church Dogma.

Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA president says Nancy Lanza Should have Slept With a Gun and Been ON Alert

WASHINGTON — David Keene — big-game hunter, √©minence grise to conservatives, and now head of the National Rifle Association — was explaining last month why people are buying more guns these days and why Nancy Lanza "deserved what she got."
“Today,” Mr. Keene told a roomful of conservatives in Hawaii, “guns are cool.” 

He then went on to say that - "Nancy lanza knew she had a wacko living in her house  to whom she had given gun training and she should have been on alert at all times -Armed and Cocked and ready for action even when snoozing -like all good NRA Gunners of The Tribe!!!"

Some sensational news accounts paint Nancy Lanza as a survivalist, someone who was prepping for the end of the world, stockpiling weapons and urging her sons to do target shooting, particularly after the 2009 divorce from her husband, Peter Lanza

 Investigators have linked Ms. Lanza to five weapons: two powerful handguns, two traditional hunting rifles and a semiautomatic rifle that is similar to weapons used by troops in Afghanistan. Her son took the two handguns and the semiautomatic rifle to the school. Law enforcement officials said they believed the guns were acquired legally and were registered. 

 shoulda locked up those guns and you'd still have a face
Lanza's shooting his mother in the face is "the most extreme kind of erasure," said  Dr,Weinberg. "The face is how you know a person." It is what she called "obliteration."
Whatever happened in their home, Nancy Lanza's legacy is as the mother of a son now to be immortalized as a demon. That will not be obliterated.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/Analysis/2012/12/19/Was-Nancy-Lanza-a-monster-or-just-the-mother-of-one/WEN-4521355955179/#ixzz2FhwAkavg

Santa Was Accused of Sodomizing His Elves In 2011

 SO -be very careful this year -he is supposed to be rehabilitated BUT make sure your kids don't get cornholed along with their gifts -here is last years report of Santa's arrest:

"Santa arrived back in the North Pole after a long night of gift giving to find himself taken into custody by the Polar Police -his Reindeer quarantined and his sled impounded -as hundreds of elves with torches and pitchforks screamed "Santa is a pervert!"

Meyer Lansky the North Pole Chief of Police stated; 'Santa has been taken into custody because of DNA evidence and testimony alleging that he was routinely sodomizing both his.male and female elves - and maybe even his Reindeers?

 Rudolph may Have been Cornholed Too
He said: "And we are asking all parents to watch their children this Christmas day for any evidence of unusual or frightful .behavior"

"For example -If they are afraid to open their presents or cry at the sight of milk and cookies "

Oxygen announces Naomi Campbell in " The Cum In MY Face Challenge"

 I can Suck the Chrome OFF a Trailer Hitch

To coincide with the premiere of its new series Cum in MY Face, Oxygen Media -leading provider of quality programming to frustrated and stupid fucking women is asking its viewers to channel their inner  blowjob supermodel with "The Cum in MY Face Challenge."  Launching earlier this week on the show's YouTube channel, this user generated contest and on-the-ground activation is taking The Cum Face directly to people to get them excited about the premiere of the new on-air competition series executive produced by Naomi Campbell and featuring her as a supermodel blow job coach.  Fans can submit videos emulating the supermodels tecniques for a chance to win an ultimate VIP blowjob treatment in New York City and to see their name announced as the winner during the season premiere set for February 12 at 9p on Oxygen.  Submissions to the contest may also be featured on a Times Square billboard the day of the show's premiere.  Access The Cum in MY Face Challenge on Oxygen's official YouTube channel for The Face at: www.youtube.com/thefaceonoxygen.  The Face is produced by Shine America.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mittens Attempts Suicide Again -Says Ann Romney -In the Whirlpool

 I Wish They would lock him up in a mental institution -Said Ann
"He just can't stand that he is now a NOBODY - I found him in the whirlpool in our Spa and he had tied some of my Steuben Crystal Pieces around his neck and was trying to drown himself - and he kept screaming that no one calls him anymore except for money - and that The Mormon Church told him he is a disgrace for losing the election with his stupid blabbering about the 47% er's and the Hispanics." said Ann Romney today.

"He has turned into a blabbering asshole -and on top of that he ruined three of my best Steuben Crystal Sculptures"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HBO Doc Re Clinton will Show Sex and Monica's Blow Job

 Billy Says i could Suck The Chrome off a Trailer Hitch
HBO's upcoming Bill Clinton doc to be directed by Martin Scorsese
A new HBO documentary about former President Bill Clinton will be directed by Martin Scorsese. The film, which is being made with the cooperation of Clinton, will focus on his presidency and subsequent work around global health issues, world economies and the environment.AND:

Scorcese said today in Hollwood;"And you know i don't pull any punches when i direct SO you WILL get to see a lot of sucking and fucking in this documentary along with the political and humanitarian shit - wouldn't be fair to Bill otherwise."

Marine on Knees Proposing Marriage Scares Jihadists Shitless

 To all those Islamic Fighters doing their best to slaughter us Infidels - Look at what you will be facing out there and know your end is in sight AND Congratulations to U.S. Marine Corps captain Matthew Phelps, who proposed to his partner Ben Schock in the White House over the weekend.

Wrote Phelps: "Such a special night surrounded by wonderful people in an amazing place, and the best is still yet to come with Ben Schock. Thanks for all the wonderful greetings and messages, and thanks to Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for lending us your home for the occasion!"
Towleroad readers may recall Phelps as the Marine who last year shared a very inspiring story with us about taking a date to the Marine Corps Ball.

Monday, December 17, 2012

NRA says "Kids Should be Armed" -The Earlier The Better

"A boy or girl of 5 or 6 years of age is capable of handling a 22 Magnum Pistol which is very light AND loaded with hollow points can stop a grown man in his tracks at forty feet!"
  So said Wayne La Pierre head of the NRA today responding to calls for reasonable gun legislation in the aftermath of the slaughter in Connecticut.

He further stated that "parents who don't teach their tots to begin getting used to handling guns  -so that by the age five they are ready to defend themselves - are just plain irresponsible!"

 Clem and Clovis La Pierre -NRA Role Models
He said:"My two uncles Clem and Clovis started me off by making me suck the barrel of a gun in my crib." 

Hey what more is there to say about these sicko lovers of guns as playtoys  - they are all mentally challenged

Sunday, December 16, 2012

BlowGuns With Knockout Darts Should Replace Hand Guns


It's dark and someone has entered your house with a gun -now the odds of this happening are less than you getting hit by lightening and while you are stunned from the strike  -someone comes along and Cornholes you -    

BUT (oops)If it Should Happen -Fear Not:

It's easy -you slip into the room and hit him with the knockout dart fired from your blowgun - you call the police - you don't have to maim or kill anyone over some crap he might have taken - your kids can't go to school with your blowgun and mess up the whole auditorium - AND you save a ton of money and help set back The Gun Nuts at The NRA and the gun smugglers -and you can get back to nature with your kids and your blowgun - 

Become Pygmy Hunter Gatherers for a weekend and see how bonding that can be.

The NRA - National Retarded Assholes - Remember This Shooting?

Police recovered an AR-15 assault rifle and two .40 caliber Glock handguns on Holmes; a fourth weapon, a Remington shotgun, was retrieved from the theater. All the firearms were obtained legally. Holmes didn't resist arrest, and no other suspects were believed to be involved.
• Holmes was reportedly wearing all-black ballistics gear, including a helmet, bulletproof vest, leggings, throat protector, groin protector, tactical gloves and gas mask. Police believe he set off two smoke or tear-gas devices to distract the crowd before opening fire. His car was said to be stockpiled with additional ammunition.
• Various reports have surfaced claiming that Holmes supposedly told police that he was the Joker and sported red hair, but Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates refused to comment on the claims. However, at a press conference in New York City, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters, "It clearly looks like a deranged individual. He has his hair painted red. He said he was the Joker, obviously the enemy of Batman."

David Keene NRA President
 assault rifles in EVERY American Home
In 2004 the NRA opposed renewal of the Federal Assault Weapons Banof 1994, which banned many features of certain semiautomatic rifles and certain types of removable magazines – gun control advocates wanted to make the ban permanent and expand it. The NRA succeeded, and the ban expired at midnight on September 13, 2004.[35]

When Was the last Time Someone NEEDED A Gun for Protection? n

 I just needed to Get laid

The point  that the gun fanatics miss is that there are a miniscule number of cases where a person has needed to defend himself against an attacker -and in most of those cases according to Law Enforcement The INNOCENT Gun Owner became the victim AND even then - why would they need a closet full of guns? 

SEE all those high tech weapons floating around creates the opportunity for sickos and criminals to get their hands on them  SO listen up gun lovers -we don't want to restrict reasonable gun ownership - we just want to control the size of your arsenals and enhance background checks.

 Investigators have linked Ms. Lanza to five weapons: two powerful handguns, two traditional hunting rifles and a semiautomatic rifle that is similar to weapons used by troops in Afghanistan. Her son took the two handguns and the semiautomatic rifle to the school. Law enforcement officials said they believed the guns were acquired legally and were registered.

Ms. Lanza’s fascination with guns became an important focus of attention on Saturday as investigators tried to determine what caused Mr. Lanza to carry out one of the worst massacres in the nation’s history.
Investigators have linked Ms. Lanza to five weapons: two powerful handguns, two traditional hunting rifles and a semiautomatic rifle that is similar to weapons used by troops in Afghanistan. Her son took the two handguns and the semiautomatic rifle to the school. Law enforcement officials said they believed the guns were acquired legally and were registered.
Ms. Lanza, 52, had gone through a divorce in 2008 and was described by friends as social 
 and generous to strangers, but also high-strung, as if she were holding herself together.

LOOK -The simple awful truth is that people who fall in love with power tools with bullets are pretty fucked up to begin with -i mean when you think of all the potential hobbies and interests? -These folks are just looking to validate themselves in some freaky nasty way -and there are a lot of those fuckers around! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Why The jews Are So Successful


education -education- education

Logo Launches "The Anal Sex Show"

 This will be soooo fun
Logo launches a live, late-night talk show focused on intimate relationships shot in front of a live studio audience.  The Queer Anal Sex Show premieres February 4 with live broadcasts for both coasts at 11p each night.   Heidi Hamilton hosts the show that will feature a panel of relationship experts including former porn star Katie Morgan, psychic life coach Dougall Fraser and relationship and sexuality expert Dr. Mike Dow who will take calls from the audience via phone, video chat and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.  Logo's show will also go live each night with an online version focusing on questions and content that is too much for TV.  The show is produced by Banca Studio in association with Lionsgate Television.