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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Melissa Nelson is Hot Compared To Most Iowa Porky Pig Women

 Average Iowa Porkers
 Melissa Nelson by comparison

In the "WTF" news of the week, the Iowa State Supreme Court upheld a ruling that dental assistant Melissa Nelson could be legally terminated because her boss found her irresistible.

James Knight, the dentist Nelson had worked alongside for a decade, concedes he made comments to Melissa indicating she would notice a bulge in his pants if her clothing became too revealing. He also sent her a text message asking how often she experiences orgasm.

Yet, Nelson is the one who got fired. What? 

It's simple! -one douchebag of a sexually repressed Christian Redneck Dentist -8 Iowa Porky Pig judges with Porky Pig Doggy wives AND one kinda hot dental assistant (by Porky Pig Iowan  comparisons) - AND so of course dental assistant  Melissa Nelson gets shafted! -It's pitiful! But just think of all those porky dog women who never get the good job because the guy boss wants a hotty on his team.

 Miss Iowa and sister 2011
Look -The Supremo Court will over turn this based on gender bias and in the meantime there will be a rash of women porky piggy firings based on the issue of "Hey -I can no longer concentrate on running this place with piggy women runnin all around!"

 Iowa Supreme Court Justices -Mel and Clem Stubbs
SO just sit back and enjoy the spectacle of the Christian Right in moronic Motion