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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

ABC Announces Bachelorette spinoff - "Bitchelorette" - Anal Sex and Cornhole Soulmates!

Judy Moronsky may get her heart broken by Clem Tardoff on the premiere of The Bitchelorette," but it it didn't diminish her desire for a lasting love. After taking time back home in Dallas with her parents and three older siblings and to let her butt heal - The 25-year-old is ready to get back in the game and start the search for her cornholesoul mate all over again. 

A successful masseuse specializing in the BIG surprise ending , the spunky girl-next-door also enjoys meth, sp country music and spending time with her father at Klu Klux Clan meetings. At the end of this journey, she plans to have the right man by her side to share it all.

 Irving Schlocker head of programming at ABC said:

NOTHING shows love and commitment like cornholing and that will become clear on The Bitchelorette

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