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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Rise of The Schmuckbabblers


First you had the evolution of complete idiots who discovered social media and stimulated by interaction with other idiots tried 24/7 to advance concepts and ideas which any 8 year old in a good Blue State school would identify immediately as bullshit or some form of mental impairment.

These hard core fools still represent the tsunami of bulk bullshit iignorance which flows down the polluted river of social media - BUT NOW:

You'll notice that there is this Next Wave of Idiots
spewing opinions and attempts at analysis and insight and they are not QUITE as limited as the core junk/ mind morons: (idiot light)

However - Absent any acquired discipline in handling complex thought 101 which would enable them to get beyond "Truthiness" (no reading -shit education - suburban racist tribalists - stupid friends )

THEY fcking spew out these mental shit sausages 24/7 which they think have value and are profound?

Isn't that some new form of schitzophrenia?


America;s NEW White welfare Kings and Queens

You want a handout -No problem

BUT I am not willing to pay 30% more for an air conditioner or a car because you got fucked by history! (anymore than I am willing to stop shopping at Walmarts so my local retailers can increase their profits)

Globalization has created world wide prosperity for hundreds of millions of people and increased the living standards of tens of millions of Americans.

YOU got screwed in the process -that's rough! AND so I AM in favor of compensating you for your losses to a reasonable degree and to give you enough training so you can become productive and fairly compensated once more.

This is what The Democrats are for! This is what Clinton proposed!

You chose to elect someone with a bullshit magic bullet to solve your problems -There is none!

Kill every trade deal and build economic walls around America and close all the big box stores and then get ready to have a big yard sale.

Oh - And while your boxing up all the crap you don't need think about all those Americans who never had a chance and asked for help and to whom you said “fuck them welfare queens and poor slobs!”