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Friday, August 24, 2012

Republican Crackpots Embarass America and are DestroyingUs!


Read this article and then tell me -thanks to These Evangelicals Nitwits -That we are not the goofiest major power on Earth.

You all better think real hard about these Republican Bible Belting Neanderthals staying in power after the election.

 It's all in Genesis
Get off your asses and vote for Obama/Biden - or get what you deserve from The Bible Belters.

A Puppy Dog is way More Sentient than a Zygote -Can a Zygote Play Fetch?

 Zygote -Potential for development
 Euthanizing a Dog or Cat or sterilizing them is a greater moral dilema than early human abortion - and here's why:

 Hard to take religious fanatics  seriously, when they continue in their blind insistence that life begins at conception. We know that life is a continuum. Our DNA has existed in an unbroken chain for millions if not billions of years. The zygote, though certainly a potential new human life, is larger but little different from the surrounding cells. And, in humans and all other animals, millions if not billions of cells die every day. Our skin, hair and fingernails are nothing but dead cells. In fact, household dust consists of mostly dead skin cells. So clearly, killing cells is not a crime, unless you are one of those prudes who loves to recite the biblical story of Onan, and rant on about “wasting sperm.”

(maybe masturbating should carry the death penalty according to the religious loonies)

At some point, after many, many divisions, a fetus with trillions of cells begins to become aware of its environment. Its heart beats, it begins to suck its thumb, it drinks amniotic fluid, it responds to light, and external touch. Expectant parents can now even get formal ultrasonic portraits of their new baby, well before it’s born. By the time we can see a recognizable human on an ultrasound scanner, it is in fact alive, it deserves protection and should not be killed, except perhaps to save the life of the mother

So it seems to me that the entire abortion debate should center on the first two months of pregnancy. At some point between conception and 8-12 weeks, it’s pretty clear that some kind of sentience begins. Until science puts a finer point on it, thinking and caring individuals should act quickly if they plan to terminate a pregnancy.

 AND -if the Fundamentalist crowd thinks killing "The potential for life" is murder? -THEN why aren't they out there fighting it like it's really murder -on the same level as child killing?

Fucking bunch of hypocritical non thinking brain washed assholes -that's why!