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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Camel Farting to Women's Screams Huge Hit in Saudi Arabia

Frank Ocean and his Tweeny Fans Should be Deported

You GOTTA be kidding me Frank
 dem tweens it it up like ear cock
Fans of Frank Ocean (and every tween girl) who find inspiration in THAT moany muck of simplistic bullshit narrative about sex and love and longing -should all be deported to some fucking place which has been isolated from the development of recorded music (somewhere in the Arab Desert would work where Camel farting synched to women screaming dominates the top ten) 
 I mean -if you really want to know the link between pop culture and  all the sick shit prevalent in our youth - just listen to Frank Ocean moaning his dick off at tween girls - and just think about all the really great sounds they are missing -and their total sensory dysfunction - 
they are the human ape equivalent of  a young Chimpanzee dancing in the trees with a fucking banana -hoo hoo hoo.