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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Women Should Be Put In The Front Lines Of Combat

Four military servicewomen, who all served tours in Afghanistan or Iraq, filed a federal lawsuit in San Francisco on Tuesday seeking to end the Pentagon’s ban on women serving in direct combat jobs. AND OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY - is it about time!

I have only a few requirements:

 i don't even need a gun
First -  only the cuntiest women are chosen from the ranks - 62% of ALL females  have been making normal folks life miserable since Eve and these cunts would make the best warriors.

 she died a hero -hahahahahahaha!
Second . -only married women because then when they are killed at least some guy will get a break.

 SO Simple and Obvious -  So let's forge ahead on this

ABC launches "Cunt Trophy Wife"

ABC's  pilot  "Cunt Trophy Wife" cast Natalie Morales (White Collar) to play Meg, a hard-partying and promiscuous woman who always is on the lookout for a rich eligible guy.  Morales joins Bradley Whitford and Malin Ackerman in the single-camera comedy from Private Practice's Emily Halpern and SuperNews' Sarah Haskins.