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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ABC launches "Cunt Trophy Wife"

ABC's  pilot  "Cunt Trophy Wife" cast Natalie Morales (White Collar) to play Meg, a hard-partying and promiscuous woman who always is on the lookout for a rich eligible guy.  Morales joins Bradley Whitford and Malin Ackerman in the single-camera comedy from Private Practice's Emily Halpern and SuperNews' Sarah Haskins.

Morales said "This series will show how the richest and most successful business men are easy prey for any dumb and low life broad with good looks and big tits who can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch."

She went on: " I mean these Waspy captains of industry  are so fucking insecure when it comes to their sexuality it is pathetic!-That's why you go to any rich neighborhood in America and you see these 'Trophy Cunts" driving around in 85 thousand dollar cars and thinkin they are hot shit when they are just high paid hookers who couldn't earn shit except on their backs."

 She concluded: But the HOOK is - they make these guys so fucking miserable that they are willing to set them up for life with a huge divorce settlement.-and these pathetic weak jerks deserve exactly what they get which is getting fucked in the ass like they have been doing to their employees and society all their rich pampered lives"