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Monday, February 11, 2013

Germans Sad to see Ex Nazi Pope Retire

The Web site of the newspaper Bild, which famously declared “We Are Pope” nearly eight years ago when Benedict was elected, ran an enormous headline that read “Our German exNazi Pope Benedict Steps Down,” followed by his entire statement in German on a slightly mottled brown background, as if it were old parchment.

Gotye is a Human Vagina - Perfect for Tween Appeal

 American Youth Has The Energy of A Dead Pussy

 this Gotye guy is a dead vagina
i wish i had some cock energy
Atmospherics: Slo-mo brooding; itchy bass; narcoleptic-turned-WAHWAHAH vocals. It starts out okay enough, then turns into four minutes of Gotye making sad faces and saying that his ex-girlfriend hurt his feelings because she didn't want to lay in the flowers at the park with him anymore or something.
Scientific Analysis: Look, Gotye, I get it: Breaking up sucks. But, dude, you're sounding like a real super vagina here. And super vaginas aren't scientifically accurate. Honestly, I'm not even sure what a super vagina is. I guess it might maybe be, like, a superhero that does a lot of Kegel exercises or whatever? I don't know. I know I looked through a science book for 45 minutes and the closest thing I could find was this regular vagina.