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Monday, February 04, 2013

9 Million Folks World Wide Had Anal Sex During SuperBowl

Moishe Pipick president of Cultural Research at The Institute for The Study of Anal Sex in Berne ,Switzerland announced today:

"Men and Women all over the globe love to cornhole each other while watching football AND this year was a new record with the Chinese and Indians jumping heavily onboard" (oops a pun)

He continued - "also  the number of Priests and Mullahs butt fucking each other has reached a new high with the Mosques edging out the Vatican this year for the first time since we began keeping records in 1897."

 i'm getting turned on bro
Dr. Pipick concluded: " The blackout in New Orleans contributed to the increase this year and also we have to adjust for all the rednecks in America -especially Louisiana who were fucking their barn animals which is a steadily increasing trend during the Super Bowl."