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Monday, June 24, 2013

Mitt Romney Heading To - Mormon Home for Criminally Insane -says Anne

Ann Romney stated: "We picked him up and at first he seemed calmer and more focused after the lobotomy BUT...'

"There was a report on the radio and as soon as he heard O'Bama speaking he started screaming and he tried to choke the limo driver  and then he removed his pants and started to jerk off!"
Mrs Romney went on;  "This is the last straw for us - the family has all agreed that he needs to be sent to The Mormon Home for The Criminally Insane"

She concluded: - "To tell you the truth -  am beginning to believe that all these Mormons are as wacko as their founder Joseph (the magician) Smith -they certainly all look a like!"
Romney with a wig