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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lest We Forget All Those Psycopaths at Stormfront Who Love Jesus


Here's one of the more eloquent and thoughtful postings you can find on stormfront -oh -and organizations like stormfront are just the tip of the iceberg of defective human's floating around out there.

"Anyone who has been around Jews is surely aware of the frequency with which they use “Jesus Christ” as an expletive or curse. Lately I have been politely telling God’s chosen people that I find this offensive. So far I have found that it quickly shuts up the loud mouth Jews."  - NOW ISN'T THAT posting an example of true Christian love if  ever you heard  one???

."Stormfront is an online community of White activists. It's not a business, no one receives a salary, and our work is supported by voluntary contributions. These are used entirely for upgrading hardware and software, monthly Internet bandwidth charges, expanding Stormfront radio and other multi-media projects, publishing our printed newspaper and, when necessary, legal bills.
These forums are now visited by over forty thousand people each day, and with the Obamanation looming, traffic often spikes much higher and overloads our servers"

How Fucking Scary Is that Shit?

 that's the digibandit's xmas message to Don Black -founder of stormfront.org
 Don and Elmer Black  Stormfront owners
Oh and we let tens of thousands of these mindless viscious morons have guns without a background check? 

merry Xmas