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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Cornholing Polish Polka Party with Mollie Busta - on Family Net

Rural Media Group, Inc., comprised of RFD-TV, RURAL TV and Family Net has handed a two-year renewal to its weekly polka music program, "Mollie B Polka Polish CornHole Party" hosted by Mollie Busta.  The one-hour show highlights the nation's best polka bands and other ethnic music styles with Cornholing Competitions produced on location at music venues around the country.

  Rural CornHoling Media Group also produces the Mollie B Christmas Special taking place at RFD-TV The Theatre in Branson, MO November 11-12.  

The special will air multiple times in December on RFD-TV and RURAL TV. and feature fat Polish dancers CornHoling each other during the dance routines.